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Cheers to a Sweet New Year!

Happy New Year! To make 2021 sweet, we are kicking it off with a Giveaway that will show some local support. We are giving away four $50 Uber Eats Gift Cards, but here is the catch! The winners must redeem the gift card at a Miami local owned restaurant. Why? Because 2020 was a challenging year for so many local businesses and we want to do our part to help. Click here for a chance to win!

We did some research and have created a list of a few locally-owned restaurants to help you choose. If you have any additions, please reach out and we will update!

Please don't forget how important it is to support local businesses! While doing research for local restaurants, we found that so many didn't survive 2020 and that broke our hearts. So, if you can't with dollars, here are a few other ways to show some love. Tell your friends and family Write a positive review Follow them on social media Share their business with your followers

Give them a shot-out Sign up for their newsletter At Sprd, we believe in community over competition. Now let's boost the local economy together! Cheers to 2021!


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